The biggest challenge in advertising is attracting attention. People are pressed for time and ignore advertising messages. With us, creativity is no longer limited to traditional channels – everything around can be a type of media with real value linking brands to the audience. A strong brand must be able to put the products and services it offers into the mind of consumers. An inspired ad campaign has a far greater impact than some sporadic commercials thrown randomly on media channels. We offer you the opportunity to be known and recognized through campaigns specifically designed for you, original and impacting on the desired segment. Whether it’s radio, TV, print or online campaigns, we’re making sure your message gets right where it’s meant to be and it’s going to get the desired result.

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The radio ad is a message that typically lasts for less than 60 seconds and it’s part of the strategy of promoting a media business, selling a product, promoting a person, an event, a business, a service or to improve the image of an institution or company. Usually, short, suggestive messages that are transmitted by an impact voice and are supported by music or a sound background. The radio ad must be unique, memorable and captivating. Most radio ads have a 30-second broadcast time to promote the business, therefore radio advertising needs to be done perfectly!

We develop professional video and audio commercials.