Advertising Lightbox

The light boxes are an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor advertising on the facades. From a financial point of view, light boxes are much more accessible than other products in the same range. The installation of the light boxes is done by the specialized team. At small heights, the installation of light boxes can be made from the ladder, at medium height to scaffolding and at high heights with nacelles or climbers. The price of light boxes is given by the materials used, the lighting system and the size. CLASSIFICATION OF LIGHT CASSETS Depending on how the visibility is desired (in one sense or in both directions), the light boxes are divided into:

  • One-sided cassettes (single face)
  • Two-sided cassettes – in console (double face) Another classification of light boxes (single or double faces) can be made according to the materials used:
  • Light boxes with Plexiglas face / faces and aluminum profiles
  • Light boxes with Plexiglas face / faces and PVC profiles
  • Luminous tiles with tensile polypropylene face / faces (Special aluminum profiles)
  • Light boxes with face of alucobond cut and Plexiglas
  • Illuminated cassettes with applied volumetric letters

If we do a classification and depending on the way of illuminating we have:

  • LED light boxes that are up to 70% more economical than those with NEON
  • Fluorescent tube tubes (neons) have a lower production price

We recommend the use of LED lighting because production costs are amortized in less than one year from electricity bills alone.