We make Outdoor Prints on any material using the latest, 100% ecological HP technology. The most accessible and most common means of advertising is the print on banners. Advertising banners are durable for outdoor use for a long period of time, they can be easily assembled, they can be any size, they can be made in simple or double versions, they can be used both inside and outside, with extremely varied applications.

Bannere - MS Graphix Publicitate Buzau


  • Banner indoor
  • Banner outdoor
  • Sticker
  • Perforated sticker (window graphic)
  • Mesh
  • Canvas


Dimensions and prices:
  • L 850mm x H 2000mm
  • L 1000mm x H 2000mm
  • L 1200mm x H 2000mm
  • L 1500mm x H 2000mm
Full color polychromatic print – matte polypropylene or indoor matte polyester or only frontlit mat for 150cm width Aluminum box. Vertically segmented leg.
Roll-up Banner Publicitate Ms Graphix Buzau

Pop Up Banner - MS Graphix Publicitate Buzau


Shape curve / right in 2 × 3 modules, 3 × 3 modules and 4 × 3 modules.

Height 2.30m.

Customize exposystems:

Full color polychromatic print, photographic quality – sandwich of 450 microns graphical materials. The special support foil for flexible panels with class B1 (non-combustible) fire protection, the imperative requirement for interior spaces. Roll-foil protection.


  • Curb 2 x 3 L205 x H230 x Ad50cm
  • Curb 3 x 3 L265 x H230 x Ad70cm
  • Curb 4 x 3 L325 x H230 x Ad100cm
  • Right 2 × 3 L: 215cm; H: 230cm; A: 30cm
  • Right 3 × 3 L: 290cm; H: 230cm; A: 30cm
  • Right 4 × 4 L: 370cm; H: 230cm; A: 30cm


Portable Flag, the form of Tear.
  • Light mast of aluminum and glass fiber, elastic and resistance
  • Ecological print on the flag, made by sublimation, ensures the vivid color and it’s resistant in time both inside or outside
  • The image is printed on a face and is also visible on the back
  • Outdoor / indoor exposure
  • Exposystem detachable and easy to carry
  • H = 2.2 m
  • H = 3.2 m
  • H = 4.3 m
  • H = 5.2 m
  • The form of the Tear
  • Print full color polychrome on the flag
Steag Pana - MS Graphix Publicitate Buzau