Foam Letters

We produce computerized volumetric letters made of extruded and expanded polystyrene with thickness between 20-200mm. We also make logos for companies and various other forms at the customer’s request.

  • Letters can be painted in different color shades on request can be illuminated with LED.
  • Simple volumetric letters are applied directly to the wall or panel
  • Light halo (backlight) volumetric letters.
  • Plexiglas volumetric letters with front lighting.
  • Volumetric shapes can be mounted both inside (malls, supermarkets, clubs, etc.) and externally signaling different locations (hotels, halls, company headquarters, etc.).

The solution for outdoor and indoor signage of locations (shopping centers, company headquarters, etc.), volumetric letters made by computerized cut, give increased visibility and a high-class style, through their three-dimensional effect. Also this “signaling” mode comes as a perfect solution for buildings located in protected areas, architectural monuments or buildings with special architecture. The material used to make them is extruded polystyrene, with a fine structure. Volumetric signs in polystyrene can be painted in a wide range of colors, so their degree of use is practically unlimited.