Advertising Bond Tottem

Bond totem is specially designed for shops, commercial spaces and gas stations. We produce different types of bond totem, depending on the customer’s option. The totem is fixed to the ground with a concrete foundation. It is advisable to use it for the signaling of shops / commercial districts that are at an appreciable distance for pedestrian or from car traffic.


  • Great metallic look: chrome, satin, gold, anodized …
  • Great finishes due to milling and computerized cutouts
  • Durable surface, perfectly flat, resistance to vandalism
  • Quality and durability guaranteed
  • Efficient lighting, and very economical, only in the area of cutouts


Alucobond totems are specially made to withstand long-lasting outdoor conditions and have UV, rain and wind resistance. Generally, totems, to be imposing, are at least 2 m tall.

Recommended for: street signage for shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, malls, company headquarters, various shops, halls, hospitals and medical clinics, cabinets, spaces where several companies operate. We produce, sell and mount bond totem at the best price!