Alucobond is a high quality material, it reached a technical and aesthetic perfection, relatively new, but increasingly used in the field of industrial and civil constructions. It is a material that can be modeled with great ease, different from traditional ones, responding with an extraordinary versatility of the wishes expressed by architects, turning them into fantasy and creative freedom by mounting bond or alucobond.

The shape and functionality of the alucobond, etalbond, reynobond are integrated into perfect harmony, it can be made alucobond mounts of superior quality. The bond is in the form of composite panels made up of 2 sheets of aluminum sheet with a special composition that gives it elasticity with a heat-insulating core.

The major advantage of such a facade is the incorporation of lightweight materials that do not require building strength structure, durable and easy to maintain. A practical way, increasingly present in urban areas, is to cover new or refurbished buildings with large facades, plated with composite materials. Besides the extraordinary properties like flatness, flexibility, fire resistance, low weight, the bond gives you the desired color.